Bighorn Rock Crawling Tires (2) for Gmade 2.2 GT beadlocks series & 2.2 inch Size Wheels

Main Features:

  • Gmade Bighorn tires are high grip tires designed for various rock crawlers & trucks.
  • These tires are made of super soft compounds for good grip over all kind of terrain.
  • Large, deep lugs provide exceptional traction in rock, mud, and dirt.
  • Gmade Bighorn tires are arguably the best rock-crawling tires available.
  • Fits Gmade GT 2.2" beadlock wheels series and 2.2 inch size wheels.
  • Sold in pairs. Inner foams are included.

What's included:

  • Gmade Bighorn Rock Crawling Tires x 2
  • Inner foams x 2


  • Tire Height: 136mm(5.3")
  • Tire Width: 59mm(2.3")
  • Inner Diameter: 56mm(2.2")